What is it?

Escape Rooms generally involve one or more physical spaces where players are “locked in”, required to solve puzzles in order to find a way out. However, despite the name, escaping is not always the goal. Varieties of game types range from diamond heist, to slaying monsters, to saving a friend. The goal of each game will be presented to players and the means of success will present themselves in each scenario.

who is it for?

You. Kids and their grandparents are playing escape rooms all over the world, each and every day. Do you watch movies or television, play video games, or surf the web in your spare time? Escape rooms are a live-action, interactive form of entertainment, escapism, and wish fulfillment. They are a chance to get excited, or unwind, or challenge yourself (or all three.)

how many people can play?

‘Beneath the Surface’ is for 3-8 players. 2 player specials will become available and be advertised at some point.

Are games public or private?

The games are private. When you make your deposit on an available slot, no one else can book that slot.

how much does it cost?

The game is $30 (including HST). Advanced tickets are $25 (including HST).

Where is it?

It’s on-site, at Let’s Scrabbalatte.

is it dark?

Sometimes, but never to intentionally bother you. Lighting is a major element of escape rooms, woven into the puzzles, storytelling, and effects. If lighting is used to reward players or is a piece of a puzzle, that is good. If dark lighting is hiding shoddy craftsmanship, or you can’t progress in the game because you can’t SEE what’s important, that is bad.

is it accessible?

Yes. The game is on a main floor and the doors are 32”.

What should i wear?

Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended. High heels and dressy shoes not recommended. Bare feet not accepted.

is board game admission free if i book an escape room?

Yes. So long as tables are available, board game admission is complimentary with escape room admission.

Do you corporate team building?

Yes! For now, please phone us or message us through this website or Facebook to discuss. We are eager to provide this service and more than happy to receive your inquiries. In the near future, organized packages will be available and advertised.

Birthday parties?

Yes. Please reach out via phone, website, or social media and we will perform whatever back-flips necessary create a custom, fair-priced package to get you what you’re looking for. In the coming months, packages will be created to streamline this process.