Escape Rooms: Perfect Group Activity

The group aspect of escape rooms has always been at the forefront. Escape rooms are a captivating group activity that checks many boxes: fun, interactivity, shared experience, communication, and teamwork are all key parts of it. As well, they create a strong opportunity for bonding and creating positive memories.


You win as a team; you lose as a team.  Winning together creates a genuine, euphoric rush of shared victory.  Alas, this is a powerful emotional experience. After a great escape room victory, there is a “glow” which can last for hours.  Another thing, escape rooms make this powerful experience accessible to anyone. An organic opportunity is there for groups to grow closer together, bonding over the win. As well, learning from a loss, and growing from it, is a way of bonding that pays off in the next win.


What is your strong suit? Logic, perception, communication, memory, and more, are essential to success. The beauty of escape rooms is that each player must contribute their own skill set for best chances of winning.  No one is perfect at every skill, but everyone can show promise in, at least, one.  Players can learn about each other, and about themselves, by flexing their unique skills.


Groups need to communicate what they see, what they think, and what they can contribute, to solve all the puzzles.  This means, there is always something to communicate during the experience. That provides a smooth “buffer” to grow as a group.  What is locked? How is it locked? What relates to this puzzle? Crucial questions should be openly discussed to achieve success.


Escape rooms are often a feast for the senses.  For example, a quality of theatrics and exhibition is part of them.  Groups experience a show, a story, and a spectacle. Through this, emotion is shared.  Escape rooms are powerfully emotional because of their immersive nature. In them, players are at the forefront of the action.


Escape rooms are a good way for players to explore new sides of their personality. While solving puzzles, players can commit to the roles of thieves, astronauts, prisoners, or pirates; They can face life or death scenarios, and quest for fortune, and glory.  Now, immersion will vary from game to game, but players will often have the chance to engage in new sides of themselves.  It is something special, indeed, to share with others.

Escape rooms are, fundamentally, a group activity. The unique blend of communication, immersion, and interactivity make them a dynamic choice for social entertainment. Players can live out new roles, flex dormant skills, and track progress towards success, all as a team.

This is fertile ground to forge powerful, positive, shared memories.  Perhaps, there is no other group activity that, pound for pound, engages and embraces so many facets of the group experience. For example, escape rooms feature teamwork, communication, interactive scenarios, progressive storytelling, spectacle, and opportunities for group growth.  It is a truly remarkable medium – for your remarkable group!

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