Escape Room Fans, Top 22 Movies

You want to go out with your group and play an escape room, but you’re kept in. If you’ve been there, this is the list for you. These movies inspired, or were inspired by, escape rooms. For instance, movies that capture the immersive, sometimes confined, often adventurous tone. Atmosphere is very important in escape rooms and these movies are teaming with it:

22. The Platform

This is the most recent entry on the list, but earns its spot for sheer atmosphere and concept. It’s confining and presents challenging moral choices.

21. The Fifth Element

Bada-boom! Korben Dallas is called upon to save a uniquely crafted science fiction universe. To do so, his journey includes finding and proper-placing four elemental puzzle stones.

20. Inside Man

“Cop and robber” battle wits in this twisting cat and mouse game thriller. Included in their game, are negotiations over the valuable contents of a secure bank vault.

19. Zathura

Imagination comes to life in this science fiction, (spiritual) follow-up to Jumanji. The stakes are raised when a family finds themselves playing a board game, for their very lives.

18. Shutter Island

Detective Daniels arrives on Shutter Island to solve the case of a missing inmate. However, the mystery deepens as he dives deeper down the rabbit hole.

17. Primer

Time travel is, itself, a puzzle in this 2004 Sundance grand prize winner. The thread of time is easy to lose if not paying careful attention.

16. Moon

A miner lives alone in a small domicile on the moon. Well, a service bot keeps him company. However, if anything were to go very wrong, he would not have the man power for an easy fix.

15. Resident Evil

A mansion in the Arklay Mountains conceals a secret, underground research laboratory. Inside, the doors are locked and only a hostile AI holds the keys. Oh, and there are flesh eating zombies running rampant.

14. Ocean’s 11 (or try Logan Lucky)

Danny Ocean and his ragtag crew are planning a heist on a high security vault in the heart of the Bellagio casino. The plan, get in and get out. If only it were that simple.

13. Sherlock Holmes

Lord Blackwood, a cultist leader and terrorist, is wreaking havoc in London. Now, it is up to the world’s greatest detective (second only to Batman), and his trusty sidekick, Watson, to find the scattered clues to bring him to justice.

12. Knives Out (or try Gosford Park)

Detective Benoit Blanc suspects foul play in the death of a Whodunnit author. However, his investigation is complicated by a house with several secrets, and a household to match.

11. Die Hard with a Vengeance

A game of Simon Says was never so deadly. “As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives…” That is, solve the riddles and the bombs don’t blow. “I didn’t say Simon Says.”

10. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Fortune and glory await Indie, but only if he can decipher the maps, solve the puzzles, and disarm the booby traps! But, when a legendary relic falls into bad hands, he’s swinging in.

9. Clue: The Movie

Gothic horror meets pop culture gaming in this adaption. On top, add a comedic twist, creating the perfect campy tone for a “swinging bookshelf” classic, a la Disney’s ‘Haunted Mansion.’

8. Mindhunters

This 2004 thriller sees a team of serial killer profilers fly to an abandoned, mannequin laden island, for a training exercise. However, “The Puppet Master” has planned deadlier puzzles.

7. The Game

Nick Van Orton receives a mysterious voucher on his birthday. It is a present from his brother, which he can cash in with a large event company, to star in a custom, thrilling “game.”

6. Exam

There is a meaty corporate job on the line. However, there are eight candidates and only one opening. So, now, the applications must be settled, with a unique “exam.”

5. National Treasure

Benjamin Franklin Gates comes from a long line of patriotic treasure hunters. When he discovers there may be a treasure map on the back of legendary US artifact, a rival attempt to steal it. So, he feels a personal responsibility to protect it.

4. Saw

Jigsaw wants to play a game. Well, that’s bad news for Dr. Gordon, who has been kidnapped and chained in a puzzling bathroom dungeon. He has a chance for escape – if he plays.

3. Cube

“They’re prime numbers.” A group of people wake up trapped inside a deadly facility, reminiscent of a killer Rubik’s Cube. Every room is one unique colour, some of them have booby traps. Solve the puzzling designs, there is a chance for escape.

2. Fermat’s Room

Four mathematicians are summoned, by a mysterious host, to an elaborate, remote warehouse. The host, Mr. Fermat. The point, solve the math riddles and discover the warehouse’s location before “the walls close in around them.”

1. Escape Room

Four escape room movies, named ‘Escape Room’ have been released. Escape Room (2019), from Columbia Pictures, takes the number one spot. Now, it is not necessarily the best movie on this list, but it is the most polished, comprehensive, direct showcase of all things escape room. It is a worthy watch to temporarily subside that live escape itch.

‘The Platform’
‘The Fifth Element’
‘Shutter Island’
‘Ocean’s 11’
‘Sherlock Holmes’
‘Knives Out’
‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’
‘The Game’
‘National Treasure’
‘Fermat’s Room’
‘Escape Room’

Fifty hours of content are laid out in this list, to stay occupied. Escape rooms have drawn inspiration from many of these movies. Some of these movies were inspired by live escape rooms. Nothing beats the thrill of the live escape room experience, but these 22 flicks are a quick fix if you’ve got the escape room bug.